G700 LED Flashlight Reviews: Coupons, Price on Amazon & eBay

G700 LED Flashlight Reviews: Coupons, Price on Amazon & eBay
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G700 Flashlight is an excellent flashlight and is regarded as the toughest one in the market. The tactical military flashlight has a long lamp life.

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Lots of discussions are taking place about the G700 LED Flashlight in the market. In fact, it is being said that this flashlight is one of the toughest and the best flashlights in the market. Here is a comprehensive review of the product for better understanding.


What is G700 Flashlight?

The first thing that comes to attention regarding the G700 Flashlight is its make and design. This tactical flashlight is manufactured from the same quality and kind of aluminum, which is used in the making of airplanes. Due to the strong and tough material, this product is long-lasting and extremely durable and has the capacity of withstanding external forces successfully.

Second thing which needs special mention is the brightness of the flashlight. In general flashlights, a dim glow is obtained on powering on the flashlight. But in G700 Flashlight, a strong and bright circle of white light is produced, which has the capability of scaring away an animal or even an attacker on the prowl.

Categorized under military grade tactical flashlights, the G700 Flashlight is available for general usage as well. Anyone who is in look out for a strong and good flashlight will definitely find this product extremely useful. It has shown to be a popular choice with police officers, hunters, firefighters, campers, trekkers and similar people.


Functioning of the G700 Flashlight

Before making a final decision about purchasing the G 700 LED Flashlight, it is important to understand as how the flashlight works. It is extremely encouraging to note that the best and latest flashlight technology is implemented in these flashlights for maximum output and great results.

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  • Lighting capacity–The G700 Flashlight comes with a lighting capacity of 700 Lumens. While buying flashlights, you will compare various models with specific features. The lighting capacity is one of the most important features that need to be checked. In fact the name G700 also refers to the 700 Lumens of lighting capacity of the flashlight only.
  • Modes available in the flashlight –5 pre-set modes are available in the G700 Flashlight. The settings are made for different situations and have proved to be really effective and helpful. The 5 modes include high, medium, low, SOS and strobe.
  • Battery capacity–This is indeed a very surprising element in the G-700 Flashlight. Only 2 AA batteries are used in this amazingly powerful flashlight with high-end technology. The consumption of energy by the flashlight is extremely low and therefore the need to change batteries is rare.
  • Ergonomic design of the flashlight–The body of the flashlight is made from aircraft grade aluminum, making it strong and durable. In fact the flashlight is kind of indestructible. Not only this, the design of the flashlight is made in such a manner that it can be easily used as a weapon with the beveled edge.

Where to Buy G700 LED Flashlight?

Currently the G700 Flashlight is only sold online, with great and exclusive offers and discounts till 75%. Normally priced at $224.45, the product is available at $56 after 75% discount. On bulk ordering, the prices of flashlights drop to even $35.