Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight Reviews, Instructions

Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight Reviews, Instructions
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What is Shadowhawk Flash light?

Shadowhawk Flash light is a powerful self-defense tool against crime which gives protection and minimizes crime. It is easy to carry anywhere and its light is very strong which can illuminate even darkest corners.


This flashlight has a strobe mode that can allow the user to flash the strobe into the attacker’s eyes and he will be blinded with that sudden bright light. That ways, attacker will not be able to see anything and can be easily caught.

For calling help and prevent any adverse situation, just flash the light of Shadowhawk as it can be seen from 2 miles away. You will get immediate help and you can run away to a hide-out as well.

These flash lights are highly used by Navy seals, coast guards, firemen and policemen to give a distress call and call for help. It has powerful LED bulb which just flashes into your eyes and you can be blinded for some time. It also gives you a clear vision during the darkest night hour.

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It is very helpful for women as well who travels late during work hours. If there is any emergency, they can flash this into the eyes of the attacker and run away to a safer place.

It is made up of durable and strong metal that is military grade aluminum. Even if it’s dropped on a rock or hard surface, it will not break up easily. It is made up of 800 Lumen XPE Lightning-Class Performance light bulb.

How does Shadowhawk Flashlight work?

Shadowhawk flashlight is a new name in the field of security as it has powerful strobe mode which gives maximum light when needed. It is made up of heavy metal that cannot break easily.

Shadowhawk Flashlight

It is waterproof as well, so it is very useful during the rainy season as environment becomes very dark and calm at that point of time. It has SOS medium which can be adjusted to low, high and medium beam.

It is equipped with 5x zoom settings which provide maximum security from any given danger as you can sense it much before it appears in front of you.

It has the power of 800 lumen LED light bulb which provides all the power to the light and illuminates the surroundings with lot of light. It has rechargeable Lithium battery which lasts for long and is travel friendly. It comes in a protective case with all accessories and charger so that it can be carried anywhere easily.

It is a good combination of power, functionality and portability. It comes equipped with brightest flashlight which provides you security against any crime. Try this product once as its worth every single penny spent.

Where to Buy Shadowhawk Flash Light?

Shadowhawk flash light can be bought online through its official website. Rush for the discount that is available on these flashlights. So grab it fast on 75% off.